Friday, March 7, 2014

It's a Good Day

It's a good day when I wake up in the morning and decide to make something and then actually do it. Plus, the sun is out and Chicagoans are walking around with their jackets unzipped and coats unbuttoned, even though it's still only in the upper 30s. Something's in the air - you can feel it. Spring is coming!

I spent most of this past week indoors working on a small quilt for a new pattern and fabric giveaway here on the blog next week Wednesday (mark your calendars, girls!). That took longer than I expected to finish because of so many interruptions (raise your hand if you have a dog and kids and a phone). So I was determined to get back to my DJ blocks before the week was over and took a personal challenge from Sheri (in our Dear Jane Group) to finish another block.  Where does the time go? I often get so busy with other things and haven't made one since January. I always forget how much fun they are to put together.

Block L-1.   Not perfect, but perfectly good and - even better - it's finished.

Here's a little sneak peek of some of the pretty fabrics I've been working with for my new little quilt. It's Woodlands, designed by Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics.

Come back on Wed to see the fat quarters I'll be giving away.

It's amazing what a little sun streaming through the window, pretty fabrics and a small accomplishment can do to lift your spirits and make your day. Why, I may even finish another DJ block while I still have time today. The pieces are already cut so the rest is easy. Then I'm going out for a bit to enjoy the "nice" weather. I hear it's supposed to get up to 40 degrees before the forecasted "periods of freezing drizzle and the evening will change to a light wintry mix."

Is it true that in order to keep warm in winter you need to eat a high-fat diet? Then it's deep dish pizza for dinner tonight! Oh no, what do you mean that's just for the birds??


  1. I think I am as happy to see the start of Autumn as you are to see the start of Spring. Thank goodness for the seasons! Love your latest DJ block, it's good to keep ticking along.

  2. Your new DJ block is yummiest.Here I could say Spring has arrived,today was a sunny day!!

  3. Lovely block. I like the fabrics you got. I am waiting for spring! Too much rain and cold over here in Greece!

  4. The block that you finished is adorable! Love the colors.


  5. LoVe the finished block. Beautiful Jo Morton fabrics too. I wonder what you will be making.....
    Always a pleasure to read your blog Kathleen.
    Have a wonderful day!

  6. The quilt block is lovely, as are the fabrics, but I'm fixated on the thought of deep dish pizza . . . ;-)

  7. Your color choices are amazing. Even more amazing are all those blocks. I finished a Dear Hannah (all 140 of those little suckers) and finished the top, but still have to find someone to quilt it for me, so I really appreciate the saying, "It's not perfect, but it's finished!" Hope no one looks too closely at mine.

  8. Love your block!!! Are you ready for another challenge next week?

  9. Kathy, congrats on getting some more DJ done. I still haven't had the chance . Does dreaming about doing them count?
    I am so excited to see and feel the signs of spring. I have really been in a slump and I hope this helps.
    Beautiful fabrics you have there to play with , looking forward to see what you came up with. Karen

  10. I would label your completed block, perfectly done!

  11. Your block is very cute! I can't wait to see the project that you are working on. I love the new Jo Morton fabrics and have been eyeing the fabrics online dreaming of a project to use them in. I need to buy some, they are too pretty to pass by. Have a great day!

  12. Hi from Sue McQ
    Beautiful DJ block! Looking forward to your next surprise. Your blog is right up there with macaroni and cheese and meatloaf...comfort foods and comfort from a dear, sweet, friend!

  13. The block is beautiful. In the photo, the little bits of red, look like beads. The Jo Morton fabrics are gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  14. I Loved to go cross-country skiing on what was once my Grandpa's farm. When I would go early in the morning after a new fallen snow, it's quiet and beautiful and I often saw deer and rabbits. Margie/NY

  15. I live in a forest so a daily event is waking and listening to the gentle sounds of nature all around me. One of the most endearing moments came late one night on my back porch and saw 4 families of mamas and baby raccoons,the babies were so fat and gazing close into the window.Moms seemed to enjoy the companionship of others and I had to think not much difference in women with similar interests as in our SQG.
    Kathy Kelley in Overgaard Az


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